The Greenest Carpet Available


The Greenest Carpet Available

Bio-Floor Collection – Bio-Degradable Hemp and Wool Carpet

This is a carpet unlike any other produced in North America. First of all it is COMPLETELY biodegradable. The Bio-Floor line is made with a face fiber of 100% natural wool. There are no moth proofing or stain protections applied. The primary backing is also an industry first combination of hemp and cotton. The wool yarns are locked into place with a natural adhesive that is derived from the rubber tree. This adhesive is completely biodegradable and nontoxic as well. For the back of the carpet a jute secondary is used. Jute was commonly used in the carpet industry before the introduction of the synthetic backing currently employed.

As you can see, this is a very unique product that maintains all the criteria of those looking for the purest, least toxic floor covering available.

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